About Us

Greg and Mary founded Caliber Embroidery in 2001 and have been decorating apparel and accessories with the highest quality embroidery for the past 21 years. The designs we embroider range from corporate logos, private school branding, athletic team logos and in-house designs.

Back in 2005, we discovered the huge impact appliqué embroidery has on decorating – what a game changer! As you can see in our image gallery, this type of embroidery demands attention. Caliber Embroidery has mastered and optimized this technique by establishing every step of the process in-house, ensuring our customers receive high quality products at the best value.

Whether you decide to personalize your design from one of our templates or have a custom design in mind, we are here to assist you in executing your project from start to finish. From your initial idea to the final packaging of your order, we are excited to partner with you and bring your design to life! Please contact us directly if you have any questions.

Greg Miller & Mary Miller, Co-Founders